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Top Spots to Rest and Relax in Ubud

We spent a lovely five nights in Ubud with very little agenda except to wander around. Here are some of the spots we found and really enjoyed (as well as some we recommend you avoid).

Where to Eat in Ubud, Bali

Dumbo Restaurant – Makes you feel like you’re back in Brooklyn but not necessarily in a bad way. The cocktails are truly a highlight.

Amsa Warung – Good BBQ ribs and grilled fish, fast WiFi and a nice breeze

Nuri’s Mexican – Makes amazing barbecue out front. The ribs were heavenly. Not bad on the Mexican front either actually. Cheap. Highly recommended.

Muse Cafe and Art – Good place to do some day-time work. Decent coffee and delicious samosas.

Tukies Coconut Shop – Because sometimes on a hot day nothing beats a coconut. Plus their coconuts are COLD and that is really hard to find in Indonesia.

Where to Shop in Ubud, Bali

Ganesha Used Bookstore – As advertised. Pretty decent selection of Fantasy and Self-help books.

Above the Clouds Boutique – Basically the only mens-only shop in Ubud. Specialize in linen and other natural products. High quality, expensive. Website: https://above-theclouds.com/

Threads of Life – Ethical, free-trade, incredibly high quality woven products from throughout Indonesia. It’s almost like a mini museum in addition to beautiful shop. You will learn a lot. Products expensive but you are supporting a good cause. Website: https://www.threadsoflife.com/

Indigo – They have two locations. Go to the one on Jl. Monkey Forest Road for a huge exploration of bhatik.

Warji Shop – In a land of thousands of stores selling statues and Buddhas this one stood out for the friendly quality of the owner and the range of offerings. It’s not a must do, but we enjoyed buying from this family.

Yoga, Massage, Healing, and other Activities in Ubud

Jungle Singing Bowls Healing Meditation – A lovely AirBnB experience hosted by Rusian featuring traditional Tibetan methods. We HIGHLY recommend this. Check it out here

Ubud Yoga House – Solid classes, size is kept small, out of town and the main tourist zone. We had fine experiences at Yoga Barn and Radiantly Alive as well but they’re larger.

Golden Hands Therapeutic Massage – Solid, unpretentious, affordable. Recommended (even though it won’t be the best massage you ever get)

Arma Museum and Resort – Beautiful traditional grounds and two huge galleries of both traditional and contemporary Balinese art. Both my parents and we met the owner on two separate trips who loved to talk about his life and the emergence of Bali art on the global scene. Artists were working while we were there and the rice paddies, gardens, and other buildings are worth strolling through. Entrance at 100,000 is steep but includes tea.

Sang Spa and Yoga Centre – We had great traditional massage here. It’s more expensive than many, cheaper than many, and an overall good option.

Transport,Lodging, and more in Ubud

Made Taxi – Made is the man. Speaks great English, has a clean, comfortable, spacious and modern van and is super reliable. Also knowledgeable about the area and can help you plan an itinerary (as he did with our parents). You can contact him on Whatsapp at +628123608589

B Saya Hotel – Lovely grounds North of town with a nice pool, fast WiFi, a big breakfast. Overall a good value, even if the standard rooms are a bit snug.

Ketut’s Cooking School – Lovely experience in a half day cooking class. Website: https://www.ketutsbalicookingclass.com/

Places to Avoid in Ubud

Campuhan Ridge Walk – This is listed as a great walk in a lot of places. We’re putting it here because it didn’t feel worth it to us, not because it’s terrible.

Spice by Chris Salans – Bland and overpriced (Victor hated it more than Mica).

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