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Things I Would Have Bought If I Had a Home, Not a Pack

It broke my heart to leave these items behind, and not bring them home as keepsakes of our adventures. But alas, like a turtle, I travel with my home on my back (and a 20kg limit on every flight), so I will have to be satisfied simply bringing home memories.

What I Would Have Bought…

  • Bottles of home-brewed rakia from Bulgaria
  • A glass for Turkish tea with gold leaf at the edge
  • A Turkish coffee service set
  • A Turkish rug
  • Multicolor Turkish stained glass lamps
  • Big Turkish towels for my imaginary pool
  • Indoor slippers and plastic bathroom slippers from Japan
  • Window chimes
  • Chopstick stands
  • Sake cups
  • Bottles of sake and shochu you can’t get in the States
  • Paper lanterns from Hoi An, Vietnam
  • An incredibly cheap, but high-quality custom-tailored dress from Vietnam
  • Big ceramic blue and white bowls for noodle soup
  • An enormous wall painting of a Buddhist tree from Laos
  • A wrought-iron statue of a Vietnamese rice-farming stick figure holding baskets that form a scale

Despite our circumspection and self-restraint in all the markets we’ve visited, we have picked up a few small trinkets, which were picked with careful consideration to commemorate our travels.

What (Lightweight and Tiny) Things I Did Buy…

  • Earrings from a South African shop in Bristol, England–I got these when shopping with a half-South African friend who visited me 6 years ago when I was living near Joburg.
  • A Turkish shawl
  • A bumper sticker from a brewery we visited multiple times in our favorite Japanese mountain town (Matsumoto Brewery)–I put it on my Nalgene, and often look at it as our adventures continue in other countries!
  • A bandana depicting a map of our trekking route through the Japanese Alps
  • A woven Laotian table runner
  • A scarf from a village along the Mekong in Laos
  • An aluminum cup used to make Vietnamese drip coffee
  • Cooking chopsticks
  • A softball-style sleep shirt with an orangutan (and a random NFL logo!) from Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Blue and gold earrings covered in batik cloth from Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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